Interview with Mr. Georges Jamhouri, Director at Jamhouri S.A.

What is Ch. Jamhouri & fils and what are its values?

Created in 1998, Ch. Jamhouri & Fils is based in Lebanon. The firm is specialized in the security and defense fields, it insures three types of services: consultancy, trade and training. These services follow three unavoidable values for our team: professionalism for our clients and suppliers, quality in the delivered services and products, and discretion, mandatory in the defense field.

What are the main challenges of the firm in the Middle-East context?

The main challenge is to allow state clients to have the best products by doing long-term profitable investments. We are proud to work with the best suppliers in their domain, quality is the most important! There is a saying in Lebanon: “What is expensive is given”, meaning that an important investment at the beginning is always profitable thanks to the long-lasting quality of the product. Our objective is to keep this essential value.

What is the future for the defense and security field?

It completely divided into specialized sectors and continues to do so. Each sector has its proper unit with a specific mission, front lines do not exist anymore. They need ultra-specialized equipment. The aim of the suppliers is to adapt to this change and to offer individual and collective special equipment to everyone. That is why we engage partnerships with the best of each field so that we are sure to answer the client’s needs.

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