what is “Cynotechnie”?

Adapted in the Civil Defense services in France, and likely to be called in as reinforcements by state services as Gendarmerie, Police, Prefect, Mayor…
“Cynotechnie” is the set of knowledge and techniques related to dog education and training in specialized tasks as detection, tracking, and protection.

A “Cynotechnique” team designated the association between man(s) and dog(s), whose tasks are the search and rescue of people in disasters and catastrophic like avalanches, earthquakes, rescue at sea…

The dogs are divided into three different technical specialties:

  1. Tracking dogs, which use scents emanating from a missing person’s personal item and set off from their last known location to find their route.
  2. The questioning dogs, which roam a perimeter and signal, by their barking, any person present. They are very useful for finding quickly and without too many human resources, individuals who have disappeared in rural areas.
  3. Rubble and avalanche dogs, who can locate buried people.

Dog training begins at the age of three months and should be permanent, regular, and above all responsive to the possibilities that the puppy can endure.
The partnership of the man and his dog must follow regular workouts, compulsory training supervised by instructors in the rubble/questioning specialization who ensure the dog’s unconstrained acceptance of various maneuvers.
They are subjected, during training, to different problems and levels of research allowing them to know the operational value of each dog at all times.

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