Use of Mil-Dot reticles

Long and Middle range Riflescope
Use of Mil-Dot reticles (Technical specifications)

The Mil-Dot reticle is primarily a range finding device that uses the optics of a riflescope and the known dimensions of a grid (the reticle) at unknown distances to estimate the sighted distance to a target.
As a secondary function, the Mil-Dots on the reticle can be set up as aiming points to compensate for holdover and wind drift.

The Mild-Dot reticle was designed around the measurement unit of the milliradian. The dots, themselves, were designed with this in mind and the spacing of the dots was also based upon the milliradian.
This allows the shooter to calculate the distance to an object of known height or width. The height of the target in meters divided by the height of the target in milliradians multiplied by 1000 equals the distance to the target in meters.

For example, take a 180 cm tall man (2 yards).
Let’s say that the top of his head lines up with one dot and his feet line up four dots down.
So: 1,80 ÷ 4 x 1000 = 450 m (500 yards) away.

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