Thermal Imaging And Its Application In Defense Systems

Thermal imaging is a boon to the armed forces because of its day night working capability and ability to perform well in all weather conditions.
Thermal imaging systems allow ground troops to detect differences in temperature between inanimate objects and enemy forces.
These devices collect the infrared radiation in the camera’s field of vision and use that information to create an image.

These include weapons targeting, missile launch detection, base perimeter security, counter-UAS (unmanned aerial systems), coastal patrol and border control…

Military thermal imaging equipment is used to detect objects and targets by detecting infrared (IR) radiation. Radiation is emitted by all objects in proportion to temperature, thermal imaging sensors can pick up this radiation, ascertain its level and map this to an image or video with visible colors. Military thermal imaging equipment may be mounted on a variety of platforms, including fixed sites, vehicles, and aircraft.

Thermal imaging is highly useful for detecting people, vehicles, aircraft, weapons and other objects of tactical interest, particularly at night or in degraded vision conditions such as dust, smoke and fog.

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