Simulation Training Systems for Military Vehicles

What is the benefit of simulation training systems in military vehicles?

Military Vehicle Simulator is a full-scale replica of an armored vehicle, with fully integrated real equipment, placed on a six-axes motion platform to simulate with accuracy the behavior of the vehicle in every kind of environment and situation.
This driving simulator is available for autonomous driving training and practice or at a platoon level, in a collaborative mode, networked with other simulators.
The 3D geo-typical graphical database ensures immersive training in multiple environment types like desert, jungle, urban areas and multiple training zones like cities, off-road, countryside, test tracks, trial areas, base camps…

Simulation Training Systems for Military Vehicles is the answer to modern training needs of armies, military training centers and governmental organizations.
This full set of training equipment is composed of one of several high-end Military Vehicle Simulators, all linked together with an Instructor Operating & Debriefing Station.
It allows to train entire crews, independently or all together, in realistic situations.

Here are the invaluable benefits of using simulation software to train the armed forces.

  • Cost-effective and time-saving.
    Save time and money (no logistics, training field booking, vehicle maintenance)
  • Safe environment to learn in.
    Keep people and equipment safe, teach dangerous situations without any risk
  • Highly immersive experience
  • Experience a variety of environments and scenarios.
    Take the most of the training sessions without the real life hassle (weather conditions, civil areas with traffic)
  • Progress can be measured objectively

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