Sherpa Light Tactical Vehicle

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The Sherpa Light is a French tactical vehicle made by Arquus, specifically designed for military needs.
Launched in 2006, the Sherpa range of vehicles has been developed in multiple configurations.

It can be offered with:
– Armored hull
– Weapons systems
– Assault ladder
– Ambulance
– And many other configurations…

Sherpa is offering a high performance in terms of mobility, protection, and performance.

A light tactical vehicle built on a 4×4 chassis, the Sherpa Light combines extreme mobility and high payload capability. Thanks to its excellent ground clearance and its all-terrain maneuverability – desert, mountain, and urban environments – it can handle every mission, provide protection and tactical mobility.

The Sherpa Light is the pinnacle of the Arquus expertise in terms of protection. Developed in accordance with the STANAG and CEN standards on ballistic protection and against mines, the Sherpa Light’s armor boasts maximum cover.

With its 265 hp engine, automatic drive with range-change gearbox, tire pressure variation system, and its low turning radius, the Sherpa Light is the perfect combination between power and agility. In urban zones as well as on the most demanding terrains.

performance arquus sherpa light - jamhouri Lebanon
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The Sherpa Light family comprises of different versions adapted to their usage profiles:
reconnaissance, patrol, command and liaison, special forces, weapon system carrier, troop transport, forward logistics, ambulance.
Internal Security: police, national guard, intervention units, counter-terrorism, border guards.

Sherpa has enjoyed export success.
JAMHOURI S.A. has participated in the selling of Sherpa Vehicles in the Middle East to Lebanon, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Sherpa light Arquus -Jamhouri Lebanon

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