Flying boat

A 7.65-meter semi-rigid boat capable of flying using its foils.
With increased range, speed, stability, and discretion, the advantages offered by semi-rigid boats are numerous in the context of armed forces’ missions at sea.
“Flying boats respond to a real problem in the field encountered by special forces: reducing human trauma and preserving the on-board equipment thanks to the great stability provided by the flight of a boat 20cm above the water”,
The 765 AirShark is the flying version of the 765 Proraid.
Equipped with retractable foils, the 765 AirShark sails freely above the waves. Thanks to its unrivaled stability and comfort, the crew save their energy for optimum operational availability.
The reduction in hydrodynamic friction reduces the motor power required and fuel consumption by 25 to 30%.

Technical information :
7.65 m
Payload (people):
2,500 kg
Carrying capacity:
18 people
Maximum power:
300 HP
CSM-neoprene fabric:
1670 decitex

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