DF 35 – Sokan by OCEA

On November 6th of this year, the patrol boat: DF 35 – Sokan, was loaded on cargo and delivered in Martinique.
It was the second unit ordered to carry out the missions of the French Customs in the West Indies.

Built by OCEA, the Sokan (DF 35) is the twin of the Kaladja (DF 34).

The DF 35 is made entirely with aluminum, OCEA‘s. specialty

Why OCEA use aluminum instead of steel?
Aluminum is lighter than steel, allowing it to reach the same speed for less power, reduce fuel consumption, and as it does not oxidize, facilitate maintenance.

Ship Characteristics

  • Length out of everything: 32 m
  • Capacity: 10 crew members – 4 passengers
  • Speed: 28 Knots
  • Range of action: 600 nautical miles – 18 knots

This boat has an endurance range of 3 days without refueling.

Photos of the Sokan deploying its semi-rigid during its tests.

It is a 5.8-meter Sillinger semi-rigid with a 115 hp Yamaha engine, enough to exceed the speed of 30 knots.

The Sokan has an incredible rear that allows it to carry another boat, which helps in the interception missions and the control of the suspicious ships.
It has a boarding gate on starboard, a small platform integrated into the hull, and steps that descend between the rear beach and the waterline. It facilitates and secures transload operations with the semi-rigid or other boats.

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