About Us

Jamouri S.A. is a well-known and recognized firm that operates in public markets in Lebanon and the Middle East. Since 1998, the group has grown a substantial chain representing leading international military products. Our company is a registered supplier for the Armed Forces, Official Security Agencies, Customs and Civil Defense. We have always focused on providing our clients the right choices to help them reach high-quality products to complete their missions effectively and momentary.


Chairman Message

In 1998, Jamhouri S.A. was founded in Lebanon. Since then, it has constantly worked on developing its work from a modest office to a leading powerhouse in Lebanon and the Middle East. 

With nearly two decades of excellence under its belt, Jamhouri S.A.’ s perfect synergy of clients centricity, solid management expertise, powerful partnerships and innovative products, continues to fuel the company’s expansion plan, which aims to target and reach all advanced military professions across the world. 

Today, we are recognized as one of the top registered suppliers in this field since our main objective is to pursue good quality providing high range of products.
Over the years, our office has forged fruitful partnerships with some of the most respectful and trusted suppliers’ worldwide: We seek high-end services to respond to the needs of our clients; we exceed their expectations and we look forward to achieve many more.

Georges Jamhouri
Chairman of the Board Directors/ Chief Executive Officer

جورج جمهوري


Our Company’s purpose is to provide a customized response to each client selecting and supplying their products requirement adequately, while building a strong and long-term relationship. Together with our clientele we believe in loyalty, sustainability, excellence and performance


Our core values that support our mission’s vision are:

– Efficiency
– Integrity
– Team Work
– Customer Focus
– Performance
– Loyalty
– Trust